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Brass or bronze, copper or tin, cast or wrought iron - what's your metal? We're sure you'll find something that catches your eye and sparks your fancy in Metalwork. From vintage metal kitchen implements to classic cast-iron pieces, Dogbotz Boneyard covers a wide range of collectible or repurposed metalwork that can function as an excellent addition to any home, garden or office decor. In addition, Dogbotz Boneyard ships all metal products insured for the full value of the piece with signature confirmation required.

Please return to this site regularly as different products are added to the Metalwork page frequently. Collector? Contact us at info@dogbotz.com about upcoming collections or sought-after items!

Remember also that a part of the proceeds raised this season through the sales of any metal goods will benefit the Warrior Dog Foundation.

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Dogbotz   Forged Steel Fishing Fork

Dating back to the early 1900s, this nicely forged steel spear was commonly found on the dock, near a stream or fishing boat. This unique piece is forged of steel formed with five sharpened tines. A truly usable piece as well as a unique item for the wall. This piece can be remounted to a pole to...more>> This is an antique item.

Dogbotz   Limited-Edition Wonder Woman Lunchbox

This contemporary, limited-edition lunchbox featuring the cartoon character Wonder Woman was manufactured from tin in the early 2000s by Vandor, SLC of Utah. All panels of the lunchbox show a different illustration of Wonder Woman. Other than a few minor scratches on the bottom, this lunchbox is ...more>>

Dogbotz   Vintage 1950s A&B Manufacturing Co. Jar Opener

From the mid-1950s comes this wrench-style, vacuum cap steel jar opener made by A&B Manufacturing Company of Belvidere, Illinois. This sturdy jar opener is a great kitchen tool, especially for rustic or Mid-Century décor. The jar opener is in good vintage condition, though it is a weig...more>>

Dogbotz   Mid-Century Flemish Cooper Trinket Tray with Standing Dog

From the late 1950s comes this delightful trinket tray from the Benedict Proctor Manufacturing Company, also known as Flemish Copper B.P. Company. The tray itself is made of copper, but the dog that stands on the back ledge of the tray is composed of white metal. The clean simple lines of the tra...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Copper Judaica Fruit Bowl on Wheels

This vintage 1960s copper fruit bowl/basket on wheels was manufactured by Tamar. Ltd., of Israel. As the attached label indicates, Tamar was known for its “handicraft artistic copper products of high standard quality.”

Placed in the center of the bowl is an Eilat stone as an a...more>>

Dogbotz   Sheet Metal Tin Star

Handmade from old sheet metal, this five-pointed tin star is nicely shaped with a metal edge on all sides. The star has a whitewashed finish and the paint has been worn off, exposing the sheet metal texture underneath. This fun item would be a true addition for any home décor, whether it i...more>>

Dogbotz   Black Iron Dog Nutcracker on Platfor

Acquired at an antique fair market in Rosemont, Illinois, this vintage all-black, cast-iron hound nutcracker dates back to the 1940s. This piece has nice details of the dog, and the solid metal figure stands on a rectangular platform that gives the nutcracker great stability. The nutcracker still...more>>

Dogbotz   Vintage Cast-Iron Strawberry Soap Holder

From the late 1960s comes this delightful cast-iron soap dish. The colorful red strawberries makes this item ideal for one’s kitchen, though it can be used in any room with a sink. The dish has a nicely designed filigreed bottom, and the whole dish stands on three iron legs. The strawberrie...more>>

Dogbotz   Mid-Century Decorative Hunting Scene Match Holder

This unusual match holder was found at a country estate sale in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Harking back to the early 1960s, this solid steel match holder depicts the results of a recent hunt, with a rabbit and pheasant hanging from opposite sides of a floral basket. The bottom of the basket has two open...more>>

Dogbotz   World War II Taylor U.S. Corps of Engineers Military Pocket Field Compass

Acquired from a Wellfleet, Massachusetts, flea market, this World War II U.S. Corps of Engineer military pocket field compass is made of brass and was manufactured by Taylor, Inc. When opened, the compass has a circular directional finder printed in black with a black arrow pointer. The interior ...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Wood Plane

This old wood plane dates back to the early 1930s and was acquired from an estate sale in 1988. This nicely crafted wood plane is still a functional tool. It has a steel blade that is held in place by a wooden wedge. The body of the plane is made from a solid piece of wood.

Once a woodwor...more>>

Dogbotz   Austrian Sitting Rabbit Sculpture

This cute rabbit looks up with the sweetest look and taking a break from a long day. This little bunny is the perfect touch of décor for a sweet and loving home. His ears are long and he stands on his legs while looking up with full attention. His facial features are great, giving him char...more>>

Dogbotz   1960s British-Make Bull Can Opener

Acquired at the Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Antique Flea Market, this bull-faced can opener was manufactured in the 1960s by British Make. This steel can opener is a manual device, once popular for opening up tin or aluminum cans during the 1940s through 1960s.

This bull can opener is in excellen...more>>

Dogbotz   1950s Cast Iron Fly Match Safe

This vintage 1950s, Mid-Century Modern fly figurine is cast from black cast iron. The details of its head, body, legs and wings have been beautifully detailed by a master ironworker. In addition, the wings of the fly lift up to reveal a hidden space where, at the time of the figurine’s crea...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.


If you scan the Metalwork Workshop Specials, you'll see that we are offering the following products from our Metalwork department at a discounted price. In some cases, certain items come with a free gift certificate for the future purchase of any product..

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Brass Telescope with Wooden Storage Box

This expandable hand telescope was made in India in 1982 and acquired by Dogbotz Boneyard in 1986. This unique device is in excellent condition and measures 7.25" in length when folded and 19" when fully extended. The telescope also has a glare shield. A nice brown leather sewn cover protects the...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 9.25-Inch Long Metal Wood Plane

This nicely crafted wood plane from the mid-1940s is still a functional tool. The body of the plane as well as its blade and wedge are all composed of tempered steel and then painted black. The back handle and front knob handle are both made of wood, also painted black. The phrase “Made in ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Wrought-Iron Book Reading Stand

This vintage book reading stand is made from black wrought iron. It has a scrollwork pattern on the front as well as the sides (which serve as the "feet" that prop up the stand). This decorative piece would serve well in a library or in a kitchen where one may need to have ready a cookbook for a ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Fancy Swivel Recipe Book Holder

This charming cast-iron recipe book holder was produced in the early 1970s. It can easily swivel forward and backward to properly balance any recipe book. The thin ledge holds the book, and two shoestrings with weights keep the pages of a book in place. The holder is antique-themed and has been c...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Retriever Dog Sculpture/Door Stop

This classically styled vintage retriever dog sculpture/door stop is composed of white metal painted with a bronze finish. The pointing retriever has a duck clutched in its mouth, and the sculpture is in good vintage condition, dating approximately back to the 1920s.

This is the perfect c...more>>

Dogbotz   Cast Iron Beetle Boot Jack

Manufactured in the early 1980s, this cast iron boot jack has been shaped as a beetle or Egyptian scarab, though some might say this boot jack looks like a cricket. The metal has been painted black, both top and bottom. This boot jack is in excellent vintage condition, but, unfortunately, it has ...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Small Three-Legged Cast-Iron Cauldron

Dating to the 2000s, this small three-legged cast-iron cauldron was a great find at a local Northern Illinois estate sale. This solid cauldron is in great vintage condition with just two tiny spots on the bottom. The handle works wonderfully and shows little signs of wear.

This is the per...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Tin Dipper

This primitive half-cup tin dipper with soldered spout has an open, loop handle for hanging. This piece, combined with other similar items, makes a great statement as a wall collage. A wonderful contrast against white or light-colored walls, this handmade tin tool adds interest and makes an intri...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Cast-Iron Reproduction Aunt Jemima Bank

This heavy cast-iron bank featuring Aunt Jemima is a 1950s reproduction of a pre-Depression-era product. Aunt Jemima is dressed in her traditional white apron over a red dress with a red and white polka dot bandanna over her head Though a vintage item itself, this bank is in good condition with m...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Cast Iron Boy & Alligator Bottle Opener

This 1930s Black Americana bottle opener is a wonderful example of vintage cast iron-barware. The design of this bottle opener is that of a little boy getting his behind bit by an alligator. The opener shows great patina for its age, and the paint remains vivid. No restoration has been done to th...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Copper Horse Weather Vane

Originally acquired in 1965, this copper horse weather vane is in good vintage condition. The wonderful punched copper weather vane has been placed atop a black painted steel stand, allowing the piece to pivot on its stand and serve as a sculpture as well. There is some denting on one side (see a...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Rare Heavy, Hammered Cast-Iron Bull Doorstop

This is an amazing and masterful piece of a cast-iron doorstop! Made in the late 1940s, this vintage doorstop is quite unique as it features a bull ready to charge. The figure of the bull comes complete with a u-shaped horn structure, bulging circular eyes, and a traditional nose ring. Because th...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Classic Brass Binoculars with Patina Finish

Originally acquired in 1984, this unique pair of brass field binoculars has a wonderful green patina finish. The piece is in good condition but is missing its leather strap, which could be easily replaced. Also, the binoculars have some slight denting. Since the glass has been frosted over due to...more>>

Dogbotz   Authentic World War II British Brass Brinton Field Compass with Leather Case

This authentic brass military Brinton navigational and field compass was copyrighted in 1914 by Ross Evans on London, England. Its design was used again in the 1930s for the battles during World War II; this specific compass is from that era. The compass is octagonal in shape and comes stored in ...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Copper & Brass Horse Bank

From the early 1960s comes this vintage Western horse penny bank. It measure 8.25” from the bottom of its hooves to the tips of its ears, and 11.25” from nose to tail. One of the rarest features is the bank key attached to a chain held in the horse’s mouth.

Overall, for ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Cast-Iron Black Cat Bank

This striking cast-iron black cat bank, which may also be used as a door stop, was produced in the 1980s. Though resembling the cast-iron pieces of a Hubble, this bank is not a Hubble Company metalwork.

The detailed features of the cat are very well detailed, especially in the ca...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Hendlers Ice Cream Metal Sign

This repurposed tin sign advertises Picaninny Freeze for just five cents from Hendlers Creamery Company, “the velvet kind.” Hendlers Creamery was one of Baltimore Maryland’s most famous ice cream brands from 1907 until its demise in the 1960s. According to this sign, Picaninny F...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Amos 'n' Andy Fresh Air Taxicab Metal Sign

This repurposed tin sign advertises the Amos ‘n’ Andy Fresh Air Taxicab, which, for only 95 cents, became the “mechanical tin toy hit of 1930,” according to the sign. Louis Marx of New York was the creator of the original sign.

This tin sign is a beautifully render...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Limited-Edition Gene Autry Lunchbox with Comic Trading Card Set

For fans of old Western films or television programs, here’s a dream item — an aluminum mini-lunchbox filled with collectible trading cards of cowboy actor Gene Autry! He was an American performer who gained fame as a singing cowboy on the radio, in movies, and on television for more ...more>>

Dogbotz   1950s Wolverine Arithmetic Quiz Tin Toy

This 1950s vintage educational arithmetic quiz tin toy tests all four mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Manufactured by the Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, its illustrative lithographs show the teacher and students h...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Gator Crossing Sign

This sturdy repurposed aluminum, all-weather sign has the image of two alligators screen-printed on the traditional yellow background of a Caution traffic sign. For easy hanging, the sign has a hole drilled at its top. This item has never been opened and comes in its original shrink wrap.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 1930s Small Rooster Bank

This vintage 1930s cast-iron rooster bank was made by the A. C. Williams Company. The cast iron has a great patina on it, and has some nice coloration to it. The bank does have some small areas of rust due to age. A flat-headed screw keeps the two halves of the bank together, but when unscrewed, ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Wind-Up Egg-Laying Toy Chicken

This vintage toy produced by the Baldwin Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn, New York, in the early 1950s is in great shape as can be seen in the accompanying photographs. The lithographs are strikingly colorful, looking as fresh as when they were first printed. The chicken is free of dings and de...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Bronze Labrador Retriever Puppy Sculpture

This Art Deco-style bronze sculpture of a male Labrador Retriever pup is adorably realistic. As many folks know, Labrador Retrievers are energetic, lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm. They are easily trained and always patient and gentle with children. Charming, devoted a...more>>

Dogbotz   Flat Blow Torch

This wonderful flat brass and iron blow torch was manufactured in the 1930s by the Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co. in Detroit, Michigan. The blow torch was acquired in an estate sale in 1984. This item is a specialized brass and iron torch that has a soldered top edge of silver.

As a vi...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Peacock Crossing Sign

This sturdy repurposed aluminum, all-weather sign has the image of a peacock screen-printed on the traditional yellow background of a Caution traffic sign. For easy hanging, the sign has a hole drilled at its top. This item has never been opened and comes in its original shrink wrap.


Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Hubley Cast-Iron Bulldog Bank

Purchased from an estate sale in Barrington, Illinois, this vintage Hubley cast-iron bulldog bank dates back to the late 1950s. With a tan body, black eyes and nose, and sporting a red collar, this canine bank has been kept in great vintage condition, with minimal scratches and no loss of paint. ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item John Wright Cast-Iron Cocker Spaniel Bottle Opener

This vintage cast-iron figural bottle opener was manufactured by John Wright in the early 1960s. This specific bottle opener is listed in the FBOC Identification Guide as cast-iron item F-80. The opener is in very good vintage condition for its age. Atop the back of the cocker spaniel is...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Brass Squirrel on a Log Nutcracker

This collectible brass squirrel nutcracker is quite heavy and in mint vintage condition. Hailing from the mid-1950s, this little squirrel, perched on a log or branch, is the ideal image for a nutcracker; after all, squirrels love nuts!

Both playfully aesthetic and functionally pr...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Indian Chief Doorstop

This rare vintage cast-iron doorstop made in the image of an American Indian chief dates back to the early 1950s.The figure of the chief is very well detailed, and the piece remains in great vintage condition with only a few rust spots here and there. On the back of the doorstop on the reverse of...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 1920s Bradley & Hubbard Bronze Mayflower with Pilgrims Bookends

Dating to the late 1920s, this unique set of bronze bookends features a Pilgrim motif. One bookend depicts the Mayflower at sea as viewed from shore, whereas the other shows a Pilgrim, probably William Bradford, stepping out of a boat onto Plymouth Rock as others in the landing party look on and ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Bronze & Crystal Eagle Family Sculpture

This is simply a stunning sculpture and promises to be a great family heirloom!

This vintage, unique and exquisite bronze and crystal sculpture of an eagle perched to feed her young has extraordinary detail and is a well-crafted mix of bronze (the eagle and her family) and crystal glass (...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Cast-Iron WWII Bell Airacuda Aircraft

This vintage, 1940s, cast-iron toy is a miniature of a World War II Bell Airacuda bomber/destroyer. The toy aircraft has a nine-inch wingspan from tip to tip. The toy is in a very good vintage condition, with just some slight paint wear. The body of the plane is gray, but its front wings and the ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Sterling Silver Guitar-Shaped Pill Box

This stunning guitar-shaped pill box was manufactured by the Wallace Sterling Silver company in the mid-1980s. The intricate and ornate design of the guitar on the front side of the pill box shows an unusual expertise of a master silversmith. Just look at the gorgeous body, fret and strings of th...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Fox Crossing Sign

This sturdy repurposed aluminum, all-weather sign has the image of a fox screen-printed on the traditional yellow background of a Caution traffic sign. For easy hanging, the sign has a hole drilled at its top. This item has never been opened and comes in its original shrink wrap.


Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Bronze Sculpture of Weasel Chasing Mouse Around a Basket

This superb and rare little bronze sculpture depicting a weasel chasing a mouse around a basket makes for a fun item for any desk. The basket can store paperclips, rubber bands, push pins, or other small objects. The sculpted details of the otter, mouse and basket illustrate great craftsmanship.<...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Hubley Cast-Iron "The Wise Pig" Bank

This tall and hefty cast-iron pig bank produced by the Hubley Manufacturing Company in the late 1950s carries a briefcase that has the verse “The Wise Pig: Save a penny yesterday, another save today, tomorrow save another, to keep the wolf away.” The word “Thrifty” appears...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Two Cream-Colored Geese Wedge Garden Doorstop

From the late 1940s comes this adorable vintage cast-iron doorstop depicting two geese leaning against each other. The geese stand in a country garden next to a picket fence. The doorstop was originally painted cream and beige. It is in great vintage condition with only minor paint nicks. No make...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Holland Silver Windmill Letter Opener

This wonderful 1930s windmill letter opener is made of silver and was manufactured in Holland. It was acquired at an estate sale of an elderly woman who lived as a child in the Netherlands during World War II. To indicate it is made of genuine silver, the backside of the letter opener is hallmark...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour Metal Sign

This repurposed tin sign advertises Aunt Jemima pancake flour, which was originally manufactured and distributed by Aunt Jemima Mills Company in St. Joseph, Missouri in the 1890s. Today, the recipe for the pancake mix is owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Though not an...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Cast-Iron Fire Truck with Driver

This colorful, vintage cast-iron fire truck hails from the 1950s. The driver sports a yellow cap, blue shirt and black boots. His face is nicely expressive, while the truck itself is painted the traditional fire engine red. The wheels of the truck turn smoothly.

This product is a great vi...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Large Cow Bell with Black Leather Strap with Buckle

Here’s a fun and funky metal item straight from the farm. This large iron cow bell, circa 1940, comes with a 3-foot-long leather strap, originally to be hung from the neck of a favorite bovine. On the inside of the bell and suspended from a hook is a two-inch-long clanger, which, when shook...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Snow White Metal Lunchbox with Spinner Game

Manufactured and distributed by Ohio Art for Disney Studios in the mid-1970s, the metal lunch box is beautifully designed with vibrant images of Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, and the furry denizens of the forest. The front panel illustrates Snow White and the dwa...more>>


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