Art Resale Chicago

Dogbotz Boneyard art resale Chicago offers quality resale art at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide a unique online shopping experience for customers interested in art resale Chicago.

Why do we sell art?

We here at Dogbotz Boneyard have been interested in art for many years as private collectors. Now we have decided to share our private art collections with everyone. We offer affordably priced resale art as well as gallery wrapped art so that everyone can enjoy these wonderful pieces, just as we have over the years. Art resale Chicago is our passion and we want to connect collectors with our art resale Chicago pieces so you can appreciate them for years to come.

What art do we sell?

Our art resale Chicago is a mix of styles and media. We offer a wide variety of items from various artists in many different themes. We have an extensive catalog of art resale. You are sure to find a piece that moves you, a must have for your personal collection.

s you, a must have for your personal collection.