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Home Goods

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Looking for a vintage Shaker basket to add to your collection? Or, perhaps a Colonial firkin, antique tool, or hand-crafted birdhouse? Well then, you've come to the right place! Home Goods offers these great treasures and other excellent finds. Dogbotz Boneyard ships all home good items insured for the full value of the piece with signature confirmation required.

Please return to this site regularly as different products are added to the Home Goods page frequently. Collector?  Contact us at info@dogbotz.com about upcoming collections or sought-after items!

Remember also that a part of the proceeds raised this season through the sales of any home good products will benefit the Warrior Dog Foundation.

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Come and visit Dogbotz and his little sister Micabotz at the Dogbotz Dog House, where they'll offer you, just for stopping by, discounted prices on the following fabulous items from our Home Goods department or a free gift certificate on the future purchase of any product.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Stoneware Salt Glaze Jug

This antique primitive stoneware jug with a molded handle dates to around 1880. The jug has a wondeful beige gloss finish with multiple spotted clusters of cracks. The finish of this handmade piece shows the texture of the modeling under the glaze.

This jug is a great example of stoneware...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item A. Seguso Murano Gold-Ribbed Art Glass Perfume Bottle

This stunning A. Seguso Murano art glass perfume bottle was produced in the mid-1960s. What makes this bedroom item so gorgeous are the gold-striated glass ribs that are replete with bubbles. The aventurine is well distributed throughout the bottle. This beauty is simply a breathtaking piece of a...more>>

Dogbotz   Glazed Beehive Stoneware Jug

Dating to the early 1900s, this antique primitive jug has a brown glazed finish that changes color from a dark black-bluish gray to a brown color at the handle and then to a light yellow color at the base. The formed handle and spout have several chips at the rim (see product photos). The po...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Murano Venetian Glass Slipper

Are you looking for the quintessential “princess” piece for a daughter, niece, sister or other female family member or friend? Then, you’ve just found what you’ve been seeking!

This gorgeous 1960s Murano glass slipper is a great piece to add to any art glass collec...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Murano Horse Head Sculpture

This exquisite art glass horse head sculpture was made by the artisans of Murano during the late 1970s. This sculpture has been uniquely designed to represent the bust of a braying horse. Though primarily composed of clear, hand-blown glass, the body of the horse has a white and pale yellow inner...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item St. Clair Orange Flower Teapot Paperweight & Ring Holder

This vintage teapot-shaped paperweight with ring holder is a fantastic and stunningly gorgeous example of the famous St. Clair Glass studio’s handmade heavy art glass. Located in Elwood, Indiana, St. Clair Glass is renowned for its delicate detail and stunning colors that show clearly throu...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item McCoy Art Pottery with Dogwood Flowers

Produced in the late 1950s, this stunning Mid-Century McCoy Art Pottery vase depicts gorgeous dogwood flowers on one side. The base color of this wonderful piece of pottery is white. The vase sports the “McCoy” hallmark on its bottom and it is in overall excellent vintage condition.more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Francesca: Encore Series Plate

Produced in 1986 by Royal Doulton, an English company producing tableware and collectibles since 1815, the plate of Francesca, the portrait originally painted by Argentine artist Francisco Masseria, is part of “The Encore Series” of fine porcelain plates. This specific plate ...more>>

Dogbotz   Mid-Century Murano Glass Red Flower Vase

This gorgeous, ruby red and crystal flower vase is an example of Mid-Century Murano art glass. Produced in 1953, this vase stands more than nine inches tall and has a one-inch throat. The art glass vase is beautifully shaped as a series of six stems terminating in outward-reaching petals, which c...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Mid-Century Deep Aqua Art Glass Vase

This is an awesome Italian art glass vase dating back to the 1960s. The color is a deep aqua and the texture presents a geometric cobblestone — both of which reflect Mid-Century style and sensibilities.

The vase is in great vintage condition, free of cracks or chips. The words &ldqu...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Matching French Ceramic Plate & Vase

This wonderful set of a French plate and matching vase is decorated with with blue, yellow and green foliage and birds. The plate is signed Roullet Renoleau, and the vase has the word “France” stamped on its base.

Both ceramic pieces are in great condition, though both have mi...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item New Martinsville Glass Swan Candle Holders

This dual set of New Martinsville Depression-era glass candle holders is designed in the shape of swans. The heart-shaped body of each swan is emerald green in color, whereas their crooked necks and heads are crystal clear glass.

The candle holders are in great vintage condition, free of ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Mid-Century Murano Glass Swan Bowl

This beautiful, hand-blown Murano art glass bowl with a swan neck was purchased from an estate sale in Lavergne, Texas. The various hues of gorgeous coral and orange swirled in with white and cast with red along the breast of the swan make this art glass bowl a stunning piece to display in your k...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Murano Turtle Figurine

This naturalistic, root-beer brown art glass turtle figurine was made by the artisans of Murano during the mid-1970s. The beautifully hand-blown glass has subtly captured the wavy lines of the turtle legs (top and bottom) as well as the features of its eyes and head. Encased within the central pa...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Set of Two Doberman Pinscher Astrakhan Porcelain Figurines

Direct from the world famous porcelain factory in Astrakhan, Russia, comes this set of two Doberman Pinscher figurines. These porcelain pups are in great vintage condition, showing no chips, cracks, scratches or marks. The coloration of the dogs is natural to the breed itself.

These Russi...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Lucite Duck Sculpture

From the late 1950s comes this Pop Art acrylic duck sculpture on a wooden oval base created by Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik. Made from clear Lucite with multicolored internal decoration of lines and dots, this little sculpture is a stunning piece of home décor. The duck is signed &ldq...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Large Shaker Basket

This old Shaker basket is in good condition and dates back to the 1920s. It was acquired at an Illinois farm estate sale. This basket would make for a wonderful decorative piece in your dining or living room, perhaps, in fact, in any room. Or, if you're looking for a more utilitarian piece, t...more>>

Dogbotz   Two Brown-Striped Earthenware Bowls

Dating from the early 1960s, these nicely crafted triple brown-striped earthenware bowls were part of a larger set. Commonly found in the kitchen or pantry, and the bowls remain in good vintage condition. The taller bowl is mostly free of any cracks or chips, though it does a small chip at its ba...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Celtic Cross Tapestry

This lovely Celtic cross tapestry or bedspread has a light brown background with steel blue, orange and brown accent colors. Constructed of durable 100% power-loom cotton, the tapestry is colorfast and machine-washable on a cool/gentle cycle and then tumble-dried.

The Celtic cross has bee...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Plastic Santa Light

This vintage plastic, medium-sized, jolly Santa Claus with painted features, manufactured in the 1950s, has a night light that illuminates the Christmas icon for evening viewing. The electric cord is old and should eventually be replaced. Though there is some minor wear of paint on the plastic fi...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Arts & Crafts Candleholders by Craftsmen, Inc.

These mid-1930s candleholders handmade by Craftsmen, Inc. are a superb example of hammered copper in the Art & Crafts style of the period. Each candleholder has its wrapped four sides hammered delicately into its base. The four triangles created then curl upward to attach to the central cup t...more>>

Dogbotz   Beautiful Limoges Yellow Pear Trinket Box

This beautiful, vintage porcelain, yellow pear trinket box was made in the late 1960s in Limoges, France. This exquisite porcelain box is not only in the shape of a pear but its gold-tone metal clasp also bears the image of a pear. This pear trinket box is delicately hand-painted on the pear&rsqu...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Limoges Hanukah Dreidel Trinket Box

This beautiful hand-painted Hanukah dreidel trinket box was made by a porcelain artisan of Limoges during the early 1960s. The box is adorned with intricate metalwork and an ornate clasp in a form of a French square. Celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukah, this trinket box is shaped like a chi...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 1950s Judaica Italian Cobalt Glass Box

What an absolutely stunning Judaica box! This beautiful piece from the mid-1950s is made from richly-colored cobalt blue Italian art glass. A gorgeously hand-painted scene of a rabbinical blessing adorns the top of the box. The vivid colors are enhanced by the dark blue art glass. Gold-tone metal...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Nemadji Pottery Ribbed Vase

This stunning, stylistically ribbed Nemadji Pottery vase contains wonderful earth-tone colors of orange, red, chocolate, green and gray making it a great piece for fresh or dried floral arrangements all year round. This household item is in great vintage condition, being free of chips, cracks or ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Murano Peacock Figurine

This graceful art glass peacock sculpture was made by the artisans of Murano during the early 1970s. This sculpture has been uniquely designed to represent a peacock with all its feathers fanned out in all its glory as the marvelous bird it is. The body of the peacock has a deep cobalt blue color...more>>

Dogbotz   1933 Felizano Bone Carving of a Monkey

To celebrate the 1933 New Year, this charming monkey sporting a hat and holding a staff was carved out of bone, or possibly horn, by an unknown Mexican artisan. The base upon which the monkey sits bears three unique symbols:

  1. A bird flying overhead with an envelope in its beak, whic...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.
Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Victorian-Style Celluloid Trinket Box

From the 1950s comes this pretty, Victorian-style Celluloid trinket box. This ivory-tone, hinge-lidded box depicts a romantic countryside scene between a Victorian lady and her gentleman caller in a central oval on the box top. Surrounding the oval then descending to all sides of the trinket box ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Fanciful Limoges Dog-in-the-Doghouse Trinket Box

This delicate, hand-painted trinket box featuring a beagle resting in his doghouse was made in Limoges, France in the mid-1970s. This beautiful trinket box has vivid imagery throughout—from the charming beagle’s head and forelegs projected outside the doghouse to the cat, bird and tre...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 1960s Primitive Wooden Dog Bookends

Straight from the middle-school woodshop comes these wooden and tin bookends from the 1960s. How do we know? Well, more than 50 fifty years ago Dogbotz Boneyard co-owner Patrick Price under the tutelage of his woodshop teacher made them. Primitive as they are, this playful pair of bookends, featu...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Celluloid Pintail Duck Round Trinket Box

This unusual, round trinket box made of celluloid was produced in Hong Kong during the early 1970s. Atop the trinket box appears a beautifully designed and hand-painted duck. The words “pintail duck” appear on one side of the trinket box bottom.

For those of you not familiar w...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage Limoges Porcelain Botanical Trinket Box

This beautiful porcelain trinket box, made in Limoges, France, bears a stunning botanical design. On the lid of the trinket box is an arrangement of gorgeous summer flowers, of which their petals and leaves extend around the sides of the circular box.

This trinket box is in great vintage ...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Vintage 1960s Japanese Kutani Lucky Cat

This beautiful vintage Japanese Kutani lucky cat sculpture was made in the mid-1960s. The term kutani means “nine valleys.” The first mention of kutani was in 1655 during the Meireki era. Kutani itself is a style of Japanese porcelain, and according to tradition, stones suita...more>>

Dogbotz   1960s Japanese Stainless Steel and Pewter Fork and Knife Set

From late-1960s Japan comes this delightful fork and knife carving set. The lower half of both knife and fork depicts the chef as a pig, lying on its belly as if ready to be cooked on a spit, with its tail curved into an oval so that the utensil can be hung on a hook. Each pig is composed of pewt...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Celtic Sun & Moon Tapestry

This charming Celtic sun and moon tapestry or bedspread presents quite a dynamic color palette of shades of green and purple. Constructed of durable 100% power-loom cotton, the tapestry is colorfast and machine-washable on a cool/gentle cycle and then tumble-dried.

The Yin-Yang symbol cre...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Murano Crawling Snail Figurine

From the Murano studio of artisans circa 1970 comes this large, stunning, art glass snail figurine, which is a wonderfully hand-blown sculpture. The shell of the snail has layers of spiral white and brownish stripes encased within the outer clear glass. The base color of the head and tail is a go...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Brown Beehive Jug

This antique primitive three-gallon stoneware jug with brown glaze dates to the early 1900s. This is a hand-thrown jug with a drawn number 3 on the front to indicate vessel capacity. Solid brown in color, the glazed finish is the perfect complement to the typical natural colors o...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Child's Crayon Bag with Coloring Book

This quality, handmade child’s crayon bag is made from both a bright blue fabric (body of the bag) and a floral fabric (crayon holder and handle) and stitched by the women of the Sewing Circle of North Shore Senior Center of Northfield, Illinois. This never-used bag can holdup to eight cray...more>>

Dogbotz   Murano Jumping Fish Sculpture

This stunning art glass fish figurine was made by the artisans of Murano during the late 1970s. This fish sculpture has been uniquely designed as if it is jumping out of and ready to splash back into the water with its tail pointed upward. Though primarily composed of clear, hand-blown glass, the...more>> Free Gift Certificate with purchase of this item.

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item 1928 Art Deco Hand-Enameled Floral Planter

Here is a vintage and hefty planter from 1928 that has been decorated with hand-enameled cloisonné. The colors of the raised cloisonné flowers and fruits are superb: pink, yellow, blue, green and red. The upper rim of the planter and the outsides of its three feet are enameled in br...more>>

Dogbotz   Dogbotz Sale Item Cutwell Bavaria Bakelite Pencil Sharpener

Made in the late 1950s by Cutwell Bavaria, this Mid Century burnt-orange Bakelite pencil sharpener is a fun find for any home or work office. Though the cutting blade of the sharpener has a bit of dirt, the sharpener is still in great vintage condition. The hallmark “Cutwell Bavaria” ...more>>


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