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Three Depression-Era Novels by Women Writers

  Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Kathleen Thompson Norris, and Mary Roberts Rinehart

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Price: $30.00
Estimated Shipping: $15.45
Category: Etc.
Item #: E01-0098-0618
Room: Library
Style: Adult Fiction
Theme: Various
Status: Previously Owned
Page Length: Varies by Novel
Dimensions: The Deepening Stream: 5.25"w x 1.5"h x 7.5"d;
Angel in the House: 5"w x 1.25"h x 7.5"d;
The Door: 5"w x 1.25"h x 7.675"d
Weight: 2 lbs., 8.2 oz. (three books combined)

About the Artist:

The three women authors represented in this collection are:

Dorothy Canfield Fisher (February 17, 1879 – November 9, 1958) was an educational reformer, social activist, and best-selling American author in the early decades of the 20th century. She strongly supported women’s rights, racial equality, and lifelong education. Eleanor Roosevelt named her one of the ten most influential women in the United States. In addition to bringing the Montessori method of child-rearing to the United States, Mrs. Fisher presided over the country’s first adult education program and shaped literary tastes by serving as a member of the Book of the Month Club selection committee from 1925 to 1951.

Kathleen Thompson Norris (July 16, 1880 – January 18, 1966) was a popular American novelist and newspaper columnist. She was one of the most widely read and highest paid women writers in the United States for nearly 50 years, from 1911 to 1959. Her stories appeared in the Atlantic, The American Magazine, McClure's, Everybody’s, Ladies’ Home Journal and Woman's Home Companion. Mrs. Norris wrote 93 novels, many of which were best-sellers and used her fiction to promote values, including the sanctity of marriage, the nobility of motherhood, and the importance of service to others.

Mary Roberts Rinehart (August 12, 1876 – September 22, 1958) was often called the American “Agatha Christie,” although her first mystery novel was published 14 years before Christie’s first novel in 1922. Mrs. Rinehart is considered the source of the phrase “the butler did it" storyline from her novel The Door (1930), although the novel does not use the exact phrase. Rinehart is also considered to have invented the “had-I-but-known”” school of mystery writing, with the publication of The Circular Staircase (1908). Finally, She also created a costumed super-criminal called "the Bat,” cited by comic book illustrator Bob Kane as one of the inspirations for his "Batman".

Product Description:

This collection of three Depression-era novels includes The Door (copyrighted in 1930) by Mary Roberts Rinehart, The Deepening Stream (also 1930) by Dorothy Canfield and The Angel in the House (1933) by Kathleen Norris. The novels are considered as prime examples of works written by women authors just prior to and during the American Depression.

In author Mary Roberts Rinehart’s The Door, Sarah Gittings, Elizabeth Bell’s family nurse, has just been brutally murdered. However, all thoughts of a homicidal maniac running amok are banished when the evidence reveals that Sarah actually knew and trusted her murderer. Now, Elizabeth Bell is about to discover that her staid and orderly household harbors more than one suspect with a motive — and unfortunately, more than one victim.

American novelist and juvenile writer, Dorothy Canfield begins The Deepening Stream with “When people talked about things they could remember, Matey always wondered which kind of remembering they meant — the kind that was just a sort of knowing how something in the past had happened or the other kind when suddenly everything seemed to be happening all over again. Why did time fade out some memories so that they didn’t seem any more real than a story in a book? And why were others, whether you liked it or not, a living part of you at any moment when they come into your head? These were among the many questions for which Matey never found an answer.”

Finally, in The Angel in the House by Kathleen Norris, the reader is taken into an excursion in psychological abnormalities. The characters include a paranoiac daughter, a mother in love with a man much younger than herself, with whom the daughter thinks herself also in love; and a strong silent man. All the Norris’ trimmings are there, convincing and rather glamorous details about clothes and food and furnishings, against a background of California sunshine.

All three novels are hardbound in a variety of colors and patterns, and they remain in great vintage condition. The spine of the novel The Door, however, is a bit faded with age. The edges of the covers have minor wear from age, but the binding is in good shape and has not cracked in any of the books. The pages of all the novels are slightly yellowed.

For books collectors, this set of three novels written by well-respected women of the Depression Era are a great find into the perspectives of life from a different time. For those who just like to read, try something different with this book set.

Note: As part of our Annual Summertime Sale, purchase of the Three Depression-Era Novels by Women Writers comes with a free $10 Dogbotz Boneyard gift certificate, which can be redeemed during a future purchase at our online store. The expiration date of the gift certificate is one year after purchase of this item.

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