Mid-Century Murano Art Glass Table Lighter and Ashtray

Artisans of Murano

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1 lb., 14.9 oz.
Lighter: 1.5" bottom diameter;
2.625" top diameter x 2.75"h;
Ashtray: 1.625" bottom diameter;
4.125" top diameter x 1.75"h
Library, Office, Study
Smoking Implement
Daily Living



This wonderful set of raspberry-tinted, Mid-Century Murano glass table lighter and ashtray would make for a nice addition to any art glass collection, especially for those who are attracted to art glass from the 1950s and 60s. And, this set is in good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips to the art glass. The gold-plated lighter can be easily removed and re-inserted into its holder. The lighter itself does not work but still presents a unique look. It does have two original tags on its bowl, but they are hard to read.

If Mid-Century art glass is your thing, then buy this delightful Murano glass lighter and ashtray set. Or, consider the set as a gift for a family member or friend who appreciates and enjoys its stylishness.

About the Artist

Murano glass is made on the Venetian island of Murano, which has specialized in fancy glassware for centuries. Murano’s glassmakers led Europe for centuries, developing or refining many technologies including crystalline glass, enameled glass (known as smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo), and imitation gemstones made of glass. Today, the artisans of Murano are still employing these centuries-old techniques, crafting everything from contemporary art glass and glass figurines to Murano glass chandeliers and wine stoppers, as well as tourist souvenirs.

Murano is home to a vast number of factories and a few individual artists’ studios making all manner of glass objects from mass-marketed stemware to original sculpture. The Museo del Vetro (or, Glass Museum) in the Palazzo Giustinian houses displays about the history of glassmaking as well as glass samples ranging from the Ancient Egyptian era through the present day.