Lakota Sioux Yellow & Brown Sunburst Belt Buckle

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2.8 oz.
3.75"w x 2.675"h
Bedroom, Dressing Room



This radiant starburst beaded belt buckle was hand-made by Lakota artisan Verine Laffery, a member of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The buckle was produced in the late 1980s.

What makes the buckle so stunning is that the front is made completely of beads, from white, yellow, orange and red in the center to dark brown around the starburst. The color scheme then repeats to the central circle of the buckle. The back is exposed brain-tanned deer hide, which was used to cover the entire metal mechanism of the buckle. This buckle, which remains in excellent vintage condition, will accommodate up to a 2” belt.

This eye-catching beaded belt buckle would make for an for a great accent to any pair of jeans as well as be an exceptional addition to any collection of Sioux or Native American clothing.