Signed Etchware Navajo Pottery

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1 lb., 8.8 oz.
7" diameter (at widest point) x 5"h;
Mouth diameter: 2.125";
Base diameter: 3.25"
Living Room, Library, Office


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Navajo potters, such as Bernice Esbats, have made quite a name for themselves with their innovative wares that combine traditional techniques with contemporary styling. All carved and etched pottery pieces are hand-carved and hand-painted. The carving is very precise and time consuming. The use of elements and important parts of the Navajo culture are incorporated into this exquisite vase. The vase, made in the early 1990s, is signed by the potter on the bottom. This colorful and beautifully etched vase comes from Dogbotz Boneyard proprietor Patrick Price’s private collection of tribal artifacts.

This stunning vase would make for an exceptional addition to any collection of Native American pottery or artifacts.

NOTE: The purchase of the Signed Etchware Navajo Pottery comes with a free $75 Dogbotz Boneyard gift certificate, which can be redeemed during a future purchase at our online store. The expiration date of the gift certificate is one year after purchase of this item.