El Gato

Pristine Cartera-Turkus

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11"w x 13.75 x 1.25"d
Acrylic & Oil



Dogbotz Boneyard is delighted to present the gothic works of Pristine Cartera-Turkus. Though first perhaps seen as a peculiar or disturbing way to portray beloved animals, her Día de los Muertos painting, in fact, honors the spirit of the creature she has depicted. The image haunts, not in a frightening way, but in a reassuring one, reminding the observer that this cherished animal companion in still with him in his daily journey, though in spirit form — a shape that he, too, will become when he reaches the ultimate destination. And so, from our Dogbotz Boneyard Gallery of Art for your own personal collection, we present Pristine Cartera-Turkus’s El Gato.

About the Artist

Hispanic artist Pristine Cartera-Turkus is a member of Fine Arts Registry and United Folk Artist Group. She specializes in oil and acrylic paintings that depict musical instruments, flower arrangements, beach scenes, gothic imagery (such as Día de los Muertos), and comical figures. Pristine describes herself as “primarily a primitive or whimsical folk artist.” Her works have been collected internationally.