1928 Art Deco Hand-Enameled Floral Planter

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2 lbs., 0.6 oz.
6.75" diameter x 3.25"h
Patio, Porch, Garden



Here is a vintage and hefty planter from 1928 that has been decorated with hand-enameled cloisonné. The colors of the raised cloisonné flowers and fruits are superb: pink, yellow, blue, green and red. The upper rim of the planter and the outsides of its three feet are enameled in bright orange, making the planter a very festive item with a Latin American feel.

This brightly colored planter is in fine condition. It does have one small chip on the upper rim. (See accompanying photographs to review all condition issues.) On the cream-colored interior wall of the planter are the remnants of a price tag, and on its bottom, glazed into the pottery, is the phrase (written in script) “To Ella from Bessie – Merry Christmas 1928.” What wonderful provenance for dating this item!

This Art Deco planter would make for a wonderful gift, on a special occasion or not, for the gardener in your. life However, if you want to spruce up your own garden or patio, then don’t let this planter pass you by!