Shaman Skull Dragon Rattle

Tracy Jon Powell

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7.8 oz.
4.5"w x 12.5"h x 2"d
Meditation Room



From Coyote Arts™, part of the Summer Coven, comes this Shaman Skull Dragon Rattle. It is Native American-made in the mountains of Utah by artist Tracy Jon Powell and has been crafted with natural materials and methods of construction.

All rattles made by Coyote Arts are handmade one at a time. This stunning rattle is a work of art and spiritual magic that was worthy of great care and effort in its making. The handle of the rattle is made from common wood found in American commercial sales and its head from the hide of a non-endangered species, such as American commercial cow rawhide. This eye-catching shaman rattle meets all CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulations.

Copyrighted in 2013, this unique ceremonial object would make for a wonderful addition to any collection of Native American artifacts or contemporary Native art as well as a great conversation piece. As it has been blessed, it may also be used in traditional Native American or coven spiritual ceremonies.

About the Artist

Tracy Jon Powell, the artistic force behind Coyote Arts™, is a member of the Cherokee Nation. All of her sacred rattles, such as this shaman rattle, are hand-painted with designs on both sides of the rattle head. She works out of her studio in Utah.