Quality Victorian Scottish Celtic Silver & Agate Kilt Pin

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1"w x 0.875"h
Men's Fashion



For consideration is a vintage 1920s Scottish men’s kilt pin reflective of the Victorian era. Finely made of sterling silver and stunning in its craftsmanship, this Celtic kilt pin is fashioned with a traditional chain design and a nearly inch wide Scottish agate. The kilt pin is in great vintage condition, with a patina on the silver true to the pin’s age. The pin in back is in good working order.

Kilt pins, more commonly worn by men, are both decorative and functional. They look nice, and they add some weight to the front apron of the kilt to keep it from blowing in the breeze. Selection of a kilt pin is a personal matter; however, they are generally not divided into categories of casual or formal, like some other accessories are, so a man can pick whichever kilt pin he likes and wear it with any kilt.

As is the tradition, this kilt pin should be worn on the bottom outside corner, on the front apron of the kilt. The kilt pin should be pinned through only the outside layer of fabric. Never pin a kilt pin through both layers of a kilt! Not only will it bunch up funny, but one also runs a serious risk of tearing the kilt. Pinned through the outside layer only, the kilt pin will allow the kilt to move properly, and it will add a little weight to help keep that front flap closed.

If you are a collector of kilt pins of Celtic jewelry or even if you are simply looking for a unique gift, consider this beautiful and functional vintage silver and agate Scottish kilt pin.