APBA Pro Hockey Board Game

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12 and Up/2 Players
30 Minutes
Box: 8.25"w x 2.125"h x 10.25"d
Board Game


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APBA Pro Hockey Board Game, manufactured in 2009 by APBA International, Inc., is a classic hockey game that presents real players and realistic results. For well over 50 years, APBA has been the unchallenged king of quality sports entertainment products. Now with APBA Pro Hockey Board Game, you can get in on the excitement. Fun, quick and easy to play, this hockey board game puts you right in the middle of the action. The board game comes with 44 classic real player cards from which to choose. These players make up two of hockey’s great championship teams. These legendary teams will allow you to enjoy the thrill of hockey, the way it was meant to be.

APBA Pro Hockey Board Game is a great game to enjoy some quick hockey fun or to learn its unique strategy. The game is as realistic as the pro’s, and is statistically accurate. This hockey game is so easy to play that you'll be rolling dice and playing within just a few minutes! The easy-to-read instructions will have you gliding across the frozen pond and shooting toward the net in no time.

After you become familiar with the basic rules, you can start incorporating the board game’s optional rules, which give you all kinds of coaching flexibility. With APBA Pro Hockey Board Game, you’re the coach. You set the lines. You set the situations. You make the calls that put your team in position to win!

This classic hockey board game has never been opened and comes in its original shrink-wrap. Thus, this game is in great condition, though the top right-hand corner of the box has been slightly dented from storage.

So, get off the bench and enjoy APBA Pro Hockey Board Game with your family and friends. This game would make for an ideal gift for the hockey enthusiast.

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