Vintage Puppy Tales Game

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5 and Up/2-4 Players
20 Minutes
Box: 5.5"w x 1"h x 6.75"d
Cards: 2"w x 2.5"h
Card Game


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From the early 1950s comes Puppy Tales, a children’s card game by Milton Bradley Company that focuses on memory matching. The object of Puppy Tales is to capture all the animal cards (primarily dogs, with one cat). The player who first succeeds in doing this wins the game.

For elementary-school teachers and parents alike, Puppy Tales is a great tool in aiding the memory skills of young children. The black-and-white sketches on the animal cards appear fun and playful, and the cards are in excellent condition for being more than 60 years old. There are 30 cards grouped into five sets of six. The box cover graphics are colorful, though the cover does have a puncture in its lower right-hand corner, where a frayed corner also appears. The simple instructions for the card game are printed on the inside of the box top, where one can see where the puncture has pierced the cardboard. Please review accompanying photographs for all condition issues.

Puppy Tales would make for a fun gift for younger children learning basic memory skills, providing solid family entertainment. For pre-school or elementary-school teachers, this game could serve as a playful teaching device. For collectors of vintage games and toys for young children, Puppy Tales would be a great addition to such a collection.

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