Cast Iron String Holder

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Office Item
1 lb., 3.2 oz.
5.5"h x 4" diameter
Cast Iron
American Home


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Manufactured during the early 1950s, this free-standing string holder is made of solid cast iron. The metal base is 3.375 inches in diameter, whereas the lid of the string holder, which can be easily opened and closed to insert string, has a four-inch diameter. Nicely crafted filigree work decorates the string holder.

This Mid-Century cast iron holder is in very good vintage condition. It has natural oxidation typical of its age. The lid has two straight small metal tongues that slip in and out of the holder’s base. An old ball of string (though most likely not from the 1940s) comes with the holder.

This unusual yet delightful and utilitarian string holder would make for a great conversation piece in any home or business office or study. For those who collect vintage cast iron products, this string holder would be a wonderful addition to one’s collection.

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