Gorgeous Beige-Edged Coyote Pelt

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1 lb., 3.9 oz.
33"w x 52"l
Living Room, Library, Office
Hides, Shells, Etc.



Though some folks object to the hunt, those of us who are Native American understand that one of the perennial mysteries of the great Circle of Life is that “life takes life in order to survive,” be it for food, clothing or protection. The coyote that gifted this gorgeous pelt was hunted using bow and arrow to prevent it from killing small livestock, its spirit was honored with gifts of tobacco as part of the traditional hunt; and then it was tanned so it can be used for clothing or other artifacts.

The pelt has a color mixture of black, tawny and other shades of brown, and its fur is very soft to the touch. The tanned leather has great elasticity, indicating that the hide was acquired after a recent hunt.

This beautiful and majestic white-edged coyote pelt would make a wonderful gift for a designer of traditional Native American ceremonial garb or for an artist working within the sacredness of those traditions. It could also be used as a decorative piece in your living room, library, or office.