Large Dragon Septarian Buffalo Fetish

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10.5 oz.
4"w x 2.75"h x 1"d
Meditation Room
Plains Indian



This large fetish can guide the student of spiritual pursuits in two ways: first, through the totem teacher it represents (Buffalo), and second, through the healing vibrations of the gemstone from which the image has been carved (Dragon Septarian).

Some of the spiritual lessons that Buffalo teaches are:

  • Quintessential symbol for abundance and fertility.
  • Confidence to achieve goals.
  • Action based on sacred intent for the welfare of community.
  • Independence of spirit.
  • Profound connection to the natural rhythms of Earth Mother and all her peoples.

The American buffalo, or bison, is one of the most revered animals by the First Nations. Our tribal elders remind us that spirit of Grandfather Buffalo is all about the give-away, the sharing of all of one’s energies, skills, and insights so that the People can thrive. No part of the buffalo is ever wasted as each part has a sacred function to enhance the well-being of our community and the Circle of Life.

Dragon septarian (also referred to as dragonstone) is a very unique stone found in only a few places on earth. In the USA, septarians are found near Zion National Park in Southern Utah. They are also found in Mahajanga in Madagascar and Morocco. Some of its healing properties include:

  • Solid grounding on and scared intentions for Earth Mother.
  • Assistance in being heard and understood.
  • Promotion of rapid healing of the body.
  • Banishment of negative energy, nightmares and psychic vampirism.
  • Support for and strengthening of group or team activities.
  • Enhancement of personal privacy.

When meditating with this potent totem carving, the challenge, of course, is to blend the universal teachings of the Buffalo with the healing energies of the Dragon Septarian. We recommend exploring the vibrations of this carving while meditating in a prairie, a field, or flatlands so that the carving’s energies can guide and protect you during your shamanic journey or dream work.

This usually large dragon septarian buffalo fetish would make an ideal gift for a loved one in need of its teachings and healing properties, for someone who has created a prayer wheel in her/his special meditation space or room, or for a collector of gemstones or tribal artifacts.