Political Asylum Board Game

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12 and Up/2-6 Players
60 Minutes
Box: 17.625"w x 2"h x 10.5"d
Board Game



Copyrighted and produced in 1993 by Windbreaker Entertainment, this new-in-the-box copy of Political Asylum is an extremist political board game, with the objective of acquiring a specific inventory of items, as indicated in the rules, “most readily accomplished by assuming the role of an ideal liberal.”

Players take turns rolling the dice, drawing cards, collecting money and moving strategically around the board. Players may even buy cars to facilitate their movement. There are two sets of cards: Liberal, marked by a pink pig on the back of the black cards, and Conservative, marked by a white eagle on the back of the black cards. There are party elections, Welfare Certificates, Court Summons Cards (used to sue another player), lotteries, an Employment Agency, Food Stamps and various other unusual game play facets. The artwork depicted in the various components of this board game was has been wonderfully designed by Mike Snavely.

As Political Asylum comes in its original shrink wrapping, it has never been played.

Political Asylum would make for a wonderful gift for anyone who has a penchant for politics or political mockery. It will provide hours of great family entertainment.