Sooty's Magic Card Game

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8 and Up/2-4 Players
30 Minutes
Box: 2.5"w x 0.875"h x 3.625"d;
Cards: 2.25"w x 3.5"h
Card Game
Family Fun


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The rare Sooty's Magic Card Game manufactured by Ariel Productions, Ltd., of Great Britain in the late 1950s is based on the popular British children’s television show Sooty’s Magic that was aired throughout the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s.

This complete card deck of 54 cards includes:

  • 1 Sooty joker,
  • 18 Sooty magic cards,
  • 1 Sweep joker,
  • 18 Sweep magic cards
  • 8 Magic Wand cards; and,
  • 8 Oofle Dust cards.

The cards are in great vintage condition, free of tears, creases, or frayed edges, and they are beautifully illustrated both front and back. Along with the card deck comes a set of game rules, which is in good condition, bent only at the folds.

The card box is very colorful and nicely laminated. The only condition issues are a bent edge and two inner box flaps that have been torn away from the box itself.

Included with the card game are three promotional cards for other games: Sooty’s Magic Circle Game, Mr. Turnip’s TV Audition Card Game, and Dilex: The New Crossword Game. These additional cards are also in great vintage condition. Please review all accompanying photographs for condition issue.

Fun for the entire family, Sooty's Magic Card Game would also be ideal for a collector for vintage games, especially those produced in a foreign country.

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