Black Linen No Revoke Playing Cards

Includes Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
8 and Up/1 or More Players
Plastic Case: 2.75"w x 1"h x 3.875"d;
Box: 2.5"w x 0.75"h x 3.625"d;
Cards: 2.375"w x 3"h
Card Game
Family Fun


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This amazing, historic and rare playing card deck is becoming obsolete and hard to find in any true good condition. Produced in 1928 by the Arpak Playing Card Manufacturers of Liverpool, England, this midnight-black card deck is stunning with its gorgeous court cards, beautifully colored pips (Ace through 10 cards) and playful Joker.

The high-grade linen cards are spectacular and in excellent vintage condition. The playing cards are free of creases, tears, and frayed edges. Due to almost 90 years of age, some cards are minimally spotted where the black color has been rubbed off. The cards come inside a plastic slip.

The box is worn, missing the top tuck flap, and its original tax stamp partially remains. The purchase sticker reading “Centius Smith Jewelry” is also in good condition. The original and entire playing card deck and box come in a clear plastic collector case. Please review accompanying photographs for any condition issues.

As can be deemed from its value, this black, linen, playing deck is presented specifically to the collector, as the deck is extremely scarce. This old 1928 magnificent, wonderfully designed playing card deck is colorful, delicate and in rare condition, but rich in history. In fact, it is one of Dogbotz Boneyard’s most favorite collectibles. Add it to your own collection now!

NOTE: The purchase of Black Linen No Revoke Playing Cards comes with a free $100 Dogbotz Boneyard gift certificate, which can be redeemed during a future purchase at our online store. The expiration date of the gift certificate is one year after purchase of this item.