Jack of All Trades

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8 and Up/2 or More Players
30 Minutes
Box: 2.5"w x 1"h x 3.75"d;
Cards: 2.25"w x 3.5"h
Card Game
Family Fun


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Produced in the early 1930s by Kum-Back Sports, Toys and Games Manufacturing Company of London, England, Jack of All Trades is a card game that focuses on different occupations and craftsmen. The butcher, blacksmith, bricklayer, burglar (this is a profession?), carpenter, engineer, fireman, gardener, navvy, painter, policeman, railway guard and soldier are the 13 occupations depicted on the playing cards. Interestingly enough, but perhaps sadly accurate for the time, the game includes no women workers or tradespeople. That fact alone may make this card game an interesting cultural anomaly to collect.

The object of Jack of All Trades is to collect the three tools along with their respective craftsman to form complete sets. The player with the most collected sets wins the game. A variation of the game for younger players is also presented in the rules booklet.

Jack of All Trades is in good vintage condition. The box, of which one piece inserts and slides into the other, does shows signs of wear, has some dirt spots, and, on the outside container, has the remnants of a tag that was peeled away from the box. The rules booklet is a bit yellow as well and is torn in the lower middle seam. The cards are in great condition, with beautiful and vivid images of the tradesmen and their tools. Unfortunately, though, a previous owner of the game has written in blue ink on many of the tool cards the name of the tradesman associated with that tool. The accompanying photographs depict the condition issues mentioned here.

This card game, despite its chauvinistic exclusion of women, is still a fascinating one that can provide hours of entertainment. This card game will also attract those who collect vintage card games, games made outside of the United States as well as old games that have a particular social and historic presentation.

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