Waddington's Formula 1 Board Game

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10 and Up/2-6 Players
30 Minutes
Box: 19.5"w x 1.5"h x 11.75"d
Board Game


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Copyrighted in 1962 by James Waddington, Ltd., of England, the Formula 1 Board Game has been written in both English and French. Unique in its play and design, this car-racing board game is different from most other games in that the dice are not used for moving the cars in any way, but only used for deciding penalties. Each player decides what speed (that is, how many spaces) he or she will travel along the dual race track board during every move. On the Dashboard cards, players note their current speed, number of laps they have completed, and note any danger signs for tires (oddly spelled as “tyres” in this game) and brakes. In addition, Pit Cards and Tactic Cards effect the strategies and results of players’ decisions.

The board game is in great vintage condition, with all the game components present. The box cover and bottom do show some normal signs of shelf wear, and in the upper right-hand corner of the box top, the remnants of a price tag appear. The box top is also indented on its left side. The two race track game boards have great graphics. The Dashboard, Pit and Tactics cards and Penalty Chart are in good condition, but be aware that the pointers on some of the Dashboard cards are fragile. A set of games rules in English and French are also included, but the rules booklet has yellowed a bit with age. See all accompanying photographs for condition issues.

The Formula 1 Board Games will provide the car-racing enthusiast with hours of fun entertainment, so this game would make a great gift for such an individual. For collectors of vintage games and toys, especially those that focus on sports, this board game would be a delightful addition to such a collection.

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