Great Buildings of Chicago

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Copyrighted in 2000 by the Chicago Historical Society and published by Knowledge Cards™ of Robert Park, California, the Great Buildings of Chicago card set presents the diverse urban architecture of Chicago, which ranks among the finest in the United States. Following the great fire of 1871, Chicago attracted architects and city planners eager to create an exciting new city on the “blank canvas” left by the disaster. By the turn of the century, Chicago’s tradition of architectural innovation and style had begun.

The Great Buildings of Chicago card deck tells the history of the city from its destruction to the creation of an architectural skyline unmatched by any in the world. This deck of Knowledge Cards — with photographs of, and historical and architectural information about, 48 of Chicago’s finest buildings, such St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, the Newberry Library, Soldier Field, and the Wrigley Building — will take you on an armchair tour of Chicago, serve as a guide for a walking tour, and even inspire a budding architect to design the building of tomorrow.

This informational card deck is in excellent condition, as if it has never been used. The card fronts have stunning black-and-white photographs of buildings, while the backs present historical data about their respective buildings. The cards are free of tears, creases, and frayed edges. The card box is also in great condition. The only marred area is in the lower left-hand corner of the box back, where the remnants of a former price tag remain.

For students and admirers of architecture, or for teachers and professors of art and design, the Great Buildings of Chicago makes for a great gift.

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