Seasonal Plate Collection: Summer by Barbara Furstenhofer of Bockling Glass

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9.6 oz.
7.5" diameter
Dining Room, Living Room


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Designed by artist Barbara Fürstenhöfer for the Böckling Glass company of Reutter, Germany, this gorgeously illustrated plate depicting Summer is part of a 1980s seasonal plate collection. Among the stunning images are a bundle of tied-up grain, farmers on an ox-pulled wagon, a woman holding a basket following a child, and a seated man drinking — all happening as the summer sun and pink clouds remain high in the sky.

This collectible plate is in excellent condition, free of cracks, chips and crazing. Its colors are vivid; its theme, playful. The maker’s mark of Böckling Glass appears on the back side of the plate, where a plate hanger has also been attached for easy display.

The porcelain plates of Barbara Fürstenhöfer are extremely collectible, so this plate celebrating Summer would make for an excellent addition to your own plate collection or as a great gift for someone you cherish.

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