Miniature Hand-Made Maori Boomerang

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1.5 oz.
8"w x 0.125"h x 2.5"d



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This small contemporary, wooden boomerang handmade in the early 2000s is beautifully decorated with pyrographic (wood-burnt) spiritual images sacred to the Maori people of Australia. A boomerang is a tool, typically constructed as a flat air foil that, when thrown, is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight. A returning boomerang is designed to return to the thrower. It is well known as a hunting tool used by the Maori. Boomerangs have been historically used not only for hunting but also for sport and entertainment. They are commonly thought of as an Australian icon.

This miniature boomerang is in mint condition. It is marked “Australia” and “Handmade” on the backside.

This wooden boomerang would be make a great design statement in any living room, library, office or man cave. Also, if you are a collector of indigenous peoples' artifacts, this contemporary miniature would be a marvelous addition to your collection.