Two Decorative Doggie-Shaped Pillows/Stuffed Toys

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6.5 oz. (for the set of two)
11.75"w x 8.35"h x 2"d (each)
Bedroom, Playroom, Family Room
Pillow & Toy



These quality, handmade decorative pillows/stuffed toys are made from discontinued fabrics from the early 1990s and stitched by the Sewing Circle of North Shore Senior Center of Northfield, Illinois. One doggie-shaped pillow/toy is colored yellow-gold and orange with brown speckles; it also sports a yellow ribbon and an orange one as a dog collar. The other pillow/toy is made of a pink fabric with blue spots, and it sports a pink ribbon and dark blue ribbon as a dog collar. Both pillows/toys are in excellent condition.

This charming duo of doggie-shaped pillows/stuffed toys would add color and fun to any room. They are ideal for a young child’s bedroom, and the set would make for a wonderful gift for any child’s birthday or as a housewarming gift. This playful duo is appropriate for little girls and boys; however, be cautious not to use these pillows as playthings for pets.