Zuni Beaded Gray and Pink-Spotted Horse

Betsy Ghahate

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1.9 oz.
2"w x 4"h x 3.75"d
Living Room, Library, Office
Tribal Folk Art



Zuni artist Betsy Ghahate has created a contemporary, delightful, small beaded sculpture of a spotted horse — just in time to celebrate the wonders of Autumn! Using at first a small wooden form to shape the initial form of the horse, the artist has then used gray and pink beads held together by Peyote stitches to finish off this beautiful sculpture. White and black beads for the horse’s eyes and red beads for its mouth have also been incorporated into the sculpture’s design. The horse’s tail is a set of dangling gray beads.

This playful, spotted horse is in excellent condition, never having been previously owned. So, this fun, little example of contemporary tribal folk art would make for a great gift, especially for someone who loves horses, or for an addition to a Native American artifacts collection.

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