1960s Japanese Stainless Steel and Pewter Fork and Knife Set

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5.2 oz. (as a set)
Knife: 0.75"w x 1"h x 8"1;
Fork: 0/75"w x 1"h x 7.75"d
Kitchen, Dining Room


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From late-1960s Japan comes this delightful fork and knife carving set. The lower half of both knife and fork depicts the chef as a pig, lying on its belly as if ready to be cooked on a spit, with its tail curved into an oval so that the utensil can be hung on a hook. Each pig is composed of pewter, whereas the utensil part (be it the knife or fork) is made of stainless steel, as indicated on the mark “Stainless Japan” on each item of the carving set.

This playful knife and fork set is in excellent vintage condition. And, it would make for a great housewarming gift for a family, friend or neighbor. If you are into unusual cooking implements, or collect such, this carving set is ideal for you!

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