Late 19th-Century Agate Rock Crystal Cameo Snuff Bottle with Amethyst Stopper

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2.3 oz.
1.5"w x 2.25"h (with scoop inserted) x 1"d;
Scoop: 0.75"w x 1.5"l
Library, Office, Study
Smoking Implement
Snuff Bottle


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This gorgeous, circa 1880s, snuff bottle of agate rock crystal has a skillfully carved vine with leaves on the left side of its front so that the brownish hue of the crystal is made more apparent to the viewer. The rock crystal has been hollowed out so that it may hold both tobacco and the tiny snuff scoop that serves as its top. The orange scoop is set into a tiny piece of cork over which a beautiful piece of amethyst stone has been placed. When the scoop is inserted into the snuff bottle, the color combination of agate rock crystal bottle with amethyst top is quite visually stunning.

This antique snuff bottle is in exceptional vintage condition. The colors of both the rock crystal bottle and the amethyst scoop top remain lovely. Other than the natural fissures that come from the crystal itself, this bottle is free of flaws.

Today, snuff is rarely, if ever, used (and that is a good thing). Thus, the original functionality of the snuff bottle has ceased. However, for those who collect such antique items or who collect rock crystal carvings, this 1880s snuff bottle is a rare and valuable find. It would make a wonderful gift for someone who values such historic pieces!

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