Iron Ball, Chain, and Shackle with Bronze Lock and Key

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5 lbs., 8.3 oz.
Ball: 5" diameter;
Chain: 0."w x 18"l;
Shackle: 4"w x 1"h x 4"d;
Lock: 1.5"w x 0.75"h x 2.75"d;
Key: 0.625"w x 1.75"l
Iron and Bronze



Throughout our years of selling vintage and collectible objects, Dogbotz Boneyard has uncovered and sold many curious and rare objects. However, nothing has been more unique and bizarre as this oddity: an iron ball, chain and shackle accompanied by a bronze lock and key. This unusual set of restraining devices was found at an antique fair in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, apparently (at least according to the vendor) previously owned by a military police sergeant in the U.S. army.

The ball, chain and shackle composed or iron are 1970s reproductions of military (or, perhaps, even prison) restraints. The vintage bronze lock (which fits nicely into the shackle) and key hail from the early 1950s. How, or if, these devices were ever used is a point of reflection and discussion. All pieces of the set are in great vintage condition and functioning — and yes, we tested them.

Please note that this set of restraints should be used for decorative purposes only — perhaps during the Halloween season or in a man cave. They are definitely curiosity items not meant to be used on people or animals.