Two Ceremonial Turtle-Shell Rattles

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11.7 oz. (both rattles combined)
Longer Rattle: 2.75"w x 25"l (with fringe) x 2.25"d
Shorter Rattle: 3.25"w x 10"l x 2.25"d
Living Room, Library, Office


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Hand-made by an Ojibwa artisan in the mid-1980s, these two ceremonial rattles are each constructed from turtle shells serving as the head of the rattle. 

The head of the longer rattle is made of two small turtle shells sewn together by sinew. The handle is wrapped in deer hide coyote fur at top and bottom of the stick, and deer hide fringe beaded with black trade beads descends at the handle's bottom.

The shorter rattle's head is a solitary turtle shell, front and back, held together by deer hide, and its handle is also wrapped in deer hide. Both at the top and bottom of the rattle are thin strips of hide had serve as a potential hanger.

For those who admire or collect First Nations ceremonial items, these two Ojibwa turtle-shell rattles are a wonderful find and would make for a great addition to any collection.

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