Solid Copper Turtle Totem Sculpture with Leather-Braid Shell

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3 lbs., 14.2 oz.
9.75"w x 14"h x 0.5"d
Native American



Wow! This solid copper wall hanging of Grandmother Turtle is an amazing sculpture and a fabulous example of contemporary First Nations folk art fabricated in Mexico. The etchings that give form to the head, feet and shell of the turtle illustrate excellent craftsmanship. Running along the crest of the turtle’s shell are three floral designs made of aluminum and decorated with hanging colorful seed and trade beads. The aluminum pieces are linked to one another by a strip of black leather that drops down to the turtle’s tail. Approaching the outer ridge of the shell is a zigzag ring painted in silver. Finally, the central elements placed within the shell are edged by a black leather braid that unites at the turtle’s tail.

The backside of the sculpture has been painted black, with the word “Azteca” painted in silver, denoting with pride the heritage of the folk artist. A metal hanger has been attached on the back just below the turtle’s head.

In the creation stories of many First Nations peoples, Grandmother Turtle offered her body during the Great Flood so that a new land could be formed. That land is Turtle Island, which reaches from what is now Canada down to the tip of Mexico. The folk artist who has created this masterpiece in copper honors the spirit of the turtle, our Grandmother.

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