Railroad Tycoon: The Board Game

Includes Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
10 and Up/2-6 Players
120 Minutes
Box: 15.625"w x 12.5"h x 3.5"d
Board Game


(+$17.75 shipping & handling)

Released in 2003 by Eagle Games, Railroad Tycoon: The Board Game was based on the hugely popular and award-winning computer simulation game Railroad Tycoon designed originally by Sid Meier. The board game version is now out of print; thus, it has become a very collectible game among train enthusiasts and game aficionados. As wth the computer simulation game, the objective of Railroad Tycoon: The Board Game is to build an immense financial empire based on the creation of your own railroad line that extends from city to city, transporting passengers, mail, and commercial or industrial goods.

The board game is in mint condition, having been played only once. All 174 plastic pieces and the various cards are present. The game board measures a whopping 45” x 36”. The game’s weight accounts for the higher shipping fee.

Railroad Tycoon: The Board Game would make for a wonderful gift for that special person in your life who just loves trains or for a collector of train games — who just may happen to be you!

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