Salmon Fishing

William Washburn

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Matted, Metal Frame, Archival Glass
11.75" x 15.25"h x 1.25"d
Mixed Media
Outsider Art



Dogbotz Boneyard recommends the artwork of William Washburn because of his daring combination of blotches and smears of color, inked lines, hoops, and other shapes, and negative space to create an abstract, primitive yet potent psychological and often mythic profile of his subject matter. Looking at each composition, the viewer responds from a primal or instinctual level to the imagery presented. And so, from our Dogbotz Boneyard Gallery of Art for your own personal collection, we present William Washburn’s Salmon Fishing.

About the Artist

William Washburn is a mid-career self-taught artist exploring the outer edges of art, and he feels that artists should be working among the people as much as possible, and that their work should not be all closed up in a studio.

In his spare time he enjoys history, philosophy, flying, and film making. He currently resides in Choctaw, Oklahoma.