Zuni Fishrock Eagle Fetish

Fitz Kiyite

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0.75"w x 1.75"h x 0.875"d
Meditation Room



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This perched eagle carved in fishrock stands with a regal demeanor. Just look at all the incredible details from the top of its head to its turquoise eyes, large beak, carved wings and talons.

Zuni fetishes are hand-made and often one of a kind, and the Zuni people have developed a reputation for being the most skillful in carving fetishes. Fetishes represent the spirits of animals or forces of nature. In this instance, the Eagle symbolizes great integrity and a soaring spirit as well as a wise teacher. This fetish has been signed “ZUNI FK” on its bottom.

Pictures cannot do this majestic little eagle fetish justice. You simply have to see it in person to really appreciate it, so don't let it pass you by. This would make for a great gift for someone special — and that just might include yourself!

About the Artist

Zuni artist Fitz Kiyite, along with his wife Marlo, has been carving for over eighteen years. As a couple Fitz and Marlo each carve a broad range of animals and figures, including all six-direction animals, Corn Maidens, inlaid dragonflies, old-style horses and many others. They enjoy working with a broad spectrum of materials as well, from gemstones to shell and antler. They often sign their pieces just using their initials.