Sending Joy

Eugenia Abramson

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16" w x 12"h x 0.75"d



Dogbotz Boneyard has collected the abstract artwork of Eugenia Abramson because of her palette of dynamic fields of color, her blending of rough geometric with more organic shapes, and the sensual textures of her brushstrokes. Within each abstraction lies an emotion awaiting the viewer’s gaze to recognize its inherent energy and sense its mystery. And so, from our Dogbotz Boneyard Gallery of Art for your own personal collection, we present Eugenia Abramson’s Sending Joy.

About the Artist

Eugenia Abramson is a professional architect, designer and artist. She received a Master's Degree from Architectural University in Europe more than 20 years ago and has worked as an architect and interior designer ever since. During the past 10 years, her main projects were high-end residential houses in the Chicago North and West suburbs.  Eugenia is a member of the U.S. Association of Licensed Architects. Eugenia’s name was published in the Edition of A.L. Architects Member Directory.

Eugenia has always had an interest in art. In her words, “Sometimes it was a way to express my feelings, ideas, and mood. Now, I do it for the fun of it and I do it for a living.”

The media she use include oil, acrylic, gel, and modeling paste, from which she creates floral, landscape, cityscape, portrait, and abstract-style art. She uses large- and small-sized canvases and different techniques, and her artwork is quite spontaneous. As a result of this experimentation for a long period of time, Eugenia has developed a style through which she enjoys creating her art. “It is a joy and a blessing for me to be able to work at what I love,” she says.