Art Deco Apple Juice Bakelite Dangle Earrings

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Each Earring: 0.875"w 1.5"h x 0.75"d



This unique, vintage Art Deco-style set of dangle clip earrings is composed of Bakelite. Beginning at the top, each earring has a round globe attached to the clip, a small rounded-edge cube, a very large and chunky body, and finally a second small rounded-edge cube. The globe and main body pieces are apple juice in color, whereas the smaller cubes have a “baked apple” look to them. The earrings, dating back to the late-1950s, are in very good vintage condition, and the Bakelite has been tested with Simichrome to determine that they are actually Bakelite.

For those unfamiliar with Bakelite, it is one of the first plastics made from synthetic components. Bakelite was used for its electrical nonconductivity and heat-resistant properties in electrical insulators, radio and telephone casings, and such diverse products as kitchenware, jewelry, pipe stems, and children's toys. In 1993, Bakelite was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark by the American Chemical Society in recognition of its significance as the world's first synthetic plastic. The "retro" appeal of old Bakelite products and labor-intensive manufacturing has made them collectible in recent years.

This fun and singular set of earrings would make a great gift for any lady who enjoys a bold and vivacious look. If that’s you, then feel free to add these delightful earrings to your own jewelry box!