Magnifico: Da Vinci Art of War Board Game

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14 and Up/3-5 Players
120 Minutes
Box: 17.625"w x 2.625"h x 13"d
Board Game
Military Conquest



Produced by Oust Games in 2007, Magnifico: Da Vinci's Art of War board game strives to make you “Magnifico” through the conquest of Europe at the beginning of the 16th century. To do this, you need to use military strategy, the economy, and the amazing inventions created by the creative master himself, Leonardo da Vinci.

This copy is a previously owned copy of Magnifico: Da Vinci's Art of War board game, which is in great condition. The box is out of the original shrink wrap, but it was never played. This game has all original pieces in their original plastic bags. It contains full instruction booklets in both English and French. The only damage is to the bottom portion of the box, which has wear marks on its corners and creases to the top and bottom right-side portions.

Magnifico: Da Vinci's Art of War board game is certainly a “must have” item for all historic game aficionados, and it would even make a great gift for any armchair historian.