Alpine Flowers Card Set, 1913, for WD & Wills Cigarettes

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Issued in 1913, this original set of tobacco cards (more commonly known as “cigarette cards”) depicts alpine flowers of the British Isles. This specific set was produced for and inserted with packets of Wills’s Cigarettes, manufactured by the W.D. & H.O. Wills company of Bristol and London, England. Cigarette cards were acquired and traded much like sports figure cards have been here in the United States. The alpine flower set was comprised of 50 unique images, all of which can be found in the plastic card holders that keep the cards safe. Whereas the image of an alpine flower appears on the card’s front side, its description is found on the backside of the cigarette card.

The alpine flower cigarette cards appear in good vintage condition. Some cards have stains and marks, and a few show signs of wear. But, as of this year, this set of cards is now considered “antique.”

This collectible 1913 alpine flower set of cigarette cards makes for a beautiful addition for any trading card collection, especially those that include images from foreign nations or cards from unexpected retail products.

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