Cat in the Bag

Phyllice Bradner

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Matted, Wood Frame, Archival Glass
13.5"w x 14.5"h x 1.25"d
Intaglio Etching



Dogbotz Boneyard appreciates the intaglio etchings of Phyllice Bradner not only because of her painstaking work to create a detailed etching and then print it but also because her etchings, through her animal subjects, portray her love of the creative process that creates them. Each intaglio etching is a small masterpiece of technique, skill and humor. And so, from our Dogbotz Boneyard Gallery of Art for your own personal collection, we present Phyllice Bradner’s NOTE: Cat in the Bag.

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About the Artist

Describing her etching process, Phyllice Bradner explains, “I make my etchings by painting a reverse image on a zinc plate with an acid-resistant mask. Then I immerse the painted plate in ferric acid to etch the image. When the design is etched to a desirable depth, I clean off the mask and ink the plate. The plate for Cat in the Bag was inked with two different colors. Before printing, I wipe the surface of the plate so that only the ink that is trapped in the grooves and other desired areas remains. I position it on my etching press and create the print.”

Phyllice Bradner is an award-winning artist and graphic designer who lived in Alaska for over 36 years. She is a former advertising agency art director, communications consultant and architectural restorationist. She is best known in Alaska for her work in restoring the Governor's Mansion and portions of the Capitol Building.

Phyllice includes humor in almost every piece she creates. Her desire is to make you smile whenever you look at her art. Most of her studies include cats or dogs, either as main subjects or as a hidden bonus.

For the last seven years, her home and studio is in a lovely 100-year-old house in McMinnville, Oregon.