Rail Game by Ludonirique

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8 and Up/2-6 Players
60 Minutes
Box: 8.5"w x 12.25"h x 1.25"d
Board Game


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This great old Rail game by Ludonirique is a rare find, which is still in good condition and has all its components! The game inside appears as if it was hardly used; however, the box cover shows a little wear. This family board game was created and manufactured in France. The instructional booklet, though, is written in French, English, Spanish and German, providing the game an international flair.

In Rail, no game board exists as it is the task of the players to design the railroad as the game evolves. As the box bottom indicates, “Rail is a game in which chance is not a factor!”

This challenging board game would make for great family entertainment, especially for devotees of train games. Therefore, Rail would make for a great addition to any collection of train paraphernalia or a wonderful gift for the person who enjoys collecting international vintage games — train-themed or not.

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