Snowflake Accents: Package Ornaments

Cobweb Creations

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Black: 14"l;
Gray: 12.75"l;
Ombre: 16.5"l
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This set of three Snowflake Accents package ornaments is made from off-the-market, vintage, and specialty yarns. Though the length of each ornamental tie varies, all have the signature snowflake pattern created by designer Janet Deaver-Pack of Cobweb Creations. Each package ornament also includes a semi-precious stone in the center of the snowflake:

  • Black package tie: a natural red tiger eye bead.
  • Gray package tie: natural striped Indian agate bead.
  • Ombre package tie: natural moonstone bead.

These soft, colorful ornamental package ties would enhance any gift for family or friend, so don’t pass them by.

About the Artist

Published author, singer, costume designer, composer, and inventive cook, Janet Deaver-Pack has always been involved in artistic pursuits. She began Cobweb Creations in 2003 to showcase her talent with yarn at local craft shows and fairs. Most of her knitted and crocheted accessories are fashioned with multiple discontinued and specialty yarns. She concentrates on texture and depth of color to bring customers the most innovative combinations possible. Janet uses yarns left from large projects for her Snowflake Accents, pairing them with glass, metal, wood, and semi-precious stones. She enjoys making items that have multiple purposes: so far, these Snowflake Accents have the most with six (wear in the hair, light pulls, package ties, bookmarks, car mirror pendants, holiday decorations).

"Yarn is addictive,” Janet tells us. “I love letting it suggest possibilities that show its best characteristics."