Game Birds & Wild Fowl Card Set, 1927, for John Player & Sons

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Issued in 1927, this extremely rare and original set of tobacco cards (more commonly known as “cigarette cards”) depicts game birds as well as wild fowl found throughout the British Isles during the 1920s. The curlew, common pochard, pink-footed goose, whopper or whistling swan and so many more appear in this colorful card set.

This specific set was produced for and inserted within packets of cigarettes issued by John Player & Sons, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain and Ireland. Cigarette cards were acquired and traded much like sports figure cards have been here in the United States. The Game Birds and Wild Fowl series was comprised of 50 unique images, all of which can be found in the plastic card holders that keep the cards safe. Whereas the colorful images of a specific game bird or fowl appears on the card’s front side, a description of the bird is found on the backside of the cigarette card. The Game Birds and Wild Fowl cigarette cards remain in great vintage condition.

This collectible 1927 Game Birds and Wild Fowl set of cigarette cards makes for a beautiful and valuable addition to any trading card collection.