Tiffany Lavender Healing Pendant in Sterling Silver

Darlene Soyka

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Pendant: 1.25"w x 2.5"h;
Chain Length: 17"
Healing Gem



This one-of-a-kind healing gemstone pendant was designed by jeweler Darlene Soyka and is composed of Tiffany lavender and wrapped in sterling silver. All of Darlene’s jewelry is unique and carries the healing qualities naturally imbued in the gemstone she has selected. The 17-inch 1mm rope chain included with the pendant is also made of sterling silver, but it can be switched out for a chain of your choice.

A very rare stone that is mined only in Utah, Tiffany lavender is composed of predominantly opalized fluorite and often mixed with many other minerals such as dolomite, chalcedony and quartz. As this is not mined in any other location, once the current supply is exhausted it will be impossible to obtain.

Some of the spiritual, healing properties of Tiffany lavender include:

  • Fortification of self-confidence and sense of responsibility.
  • Beneficial communication.
  • Balance of intuition with intellect.
  • Soothing oneself and others during times of change.
  • Increase in one’s sex drive.

This powerful pendant would make an ideal gift for a loved one in need of its healing properties, or consider purchasing it for your own well-being.

About the Artist

Artzee-Items is owned and operated by jewelry designer Darlene Soyka, who creates contemporary, often reversible bridge jewelry: semi-precious healing gemstones, encased in 14-karat gold or sterling silver. Her pendants and other items are hand-crafted in simple elegance that displays the beauty and power of the stone. Dogbotz Boneyard has, since its inception, featured the eye-catching jewelry of Darlene Soyka.