Meandering Stream

Josue Soto

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16"w x 20"h x 0.5"d



Dogbotz Boneyard has collected the oil paintings of Josue Soto because his works offer visually striking and majestic compositions of the fundamental awe experienced through nature. In these quiet masterpieces, the colors, shapes, and textures of the natural world inspire us to embrace the beauty around us, reminding us that things that marvel are only witnessed by those who stop and take a moment to connect with them. And so, from our Dogbotz Boneyard Gallery of Art for your own personal collection, we present Josue Soto’s Meandering Stream.

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About the Artist

“I have always been involved in art, from drawing to painting, ever since I was a child,” Josue Soto tells us. “I love doing art because it brings me serenity. I particularly enjoy painting landscapes as they bring alive the beauty that can be found in nature. The breath-taking scenes I depict transcend the everyday into the eternal, separating me from where I actually am to where strive to be.”